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The Chloris flora business enterprise was established in 2012.
The company Chloris flora based in modern business premises at a Bangalore, Hosur Tamil Naidu, New Delhi and Lucknow.

At Chloris Flora the work methods of employed within our organization with flexibility and an relationship with people (co-workers, clients, suppliers, transport partners and other chain partners) during day-to-day operation, which makes it possible to deliver quality products and services  in an effective manner.

As a flower Chloris Flora has built up a good reputation among wholesalers, warehouses and chain stores in all over India, which are mainly located in New Delhi, Bangalore, Lucknow and Mumbai.

Floricultural products are living products that have a high emotional value.
The Chloris flora team places great emphasis on supplying commercial reliability and the very best quality in delivered products and services, whereby our slogan is: P-P-P Pick Up A Flower Quality.

Our work methods are characterized by short lines of communication between the sales and purchasing departments, clear planning and effective logistics supported by the use of modern information and communication technology. We ensure that you, as the client, receive your deliveries on time and to your satisfaction.

“My Goodness, My Flower Quality”.

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